Beneficiaries are granted and paid the parental allowance by the local office of Labour, social affairs and family where they are permanently or temporarily resident.

Rules for payment:

  • the allowance is paid for the whole calendar month, even if the beneficiary qualifies for the allowance for only part of the calendar month;
  • the allowance is paid monthly in arrears, by the end of the calendar month following each calendar month in which the claimant qualifies for the allowance;
  • it is paid into the beneficiary’s account at a bank or at a branch of a foreign bank in Slovakia. Alternatively, at the beneficiary’s request, the allowance is paid in cash;
  • if the beneficiary makes a written request for a change in the way that the parental allowance is paid, the office of Labour, social affairs and family is obliged to comply with that request;
  • the allowance is not paid to a non-Member State.
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