Severe Disability

The state provides financial contributions and social services in order to mitigate or overcome the social consequences of a severe disability. The aim of the provision of this compensation in the established areas is to support the social inclusion of natural persons with severe disabilities in society with their active participation while preserving their human dignity.

The social consequences of the following areas of severe disability are compensated for:

  • mobility and orientation – reduced mobility or orientation,
  • communication – impaired communication ability,
  • increased expenditures –increased expenditures related to
    • special diet,
    • hygiene or wear and tear of clothing, underwear, shoes and household furnishings,
    • ensuring the operation of a passenger vehicle,
    • care for a dog with specialized training,
  • self-care – limited or total loss of the ability to take care of oneself.

Financial contributions for the compensation of a severe disability are provided by the Offices of Labour, Social Affairs and Family.


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