Employer’s obligations

Employer's obligations are regulated by a number of provisions of the Labour Code. The fundamental obligations include those before and after concluding an employment contract.

Employer’s obligations before concluding an employment contract

Before concluding an employment contract, the employer is required to inform the natural person:

  • of their rights and obligations under the employment contract;
  • of the work conditions, under which the work will be carried out;
  • of the wage conditions applicable to the work to be carried out.

Section 41(10) of the Labour Code

When concluding an employment contract, the employer may not agree with the employee the basic wage component in an amount lower than the basic wage component published in the job offer pursuant to Act No 5/2004 Coll.

Employer’s obligations upon the commencement of employment

Upon the commencement of employment, the employer is required to make the employer aware of:

  • the workplace regulations (Section 84 of the Labour Code);
  • the collective agreement;
  • the legal regulations applicable to the work performed by the employee and the legal and other regulations on occupational health and safety to be observed by the employee during their work, and
  • the equal treatment provisions (Section 1, Section 13, Section 119a of the Labour Code, the Anti-Discrimination Act).

Section 47(2) of the Labour Code

The employer is also obliged to inform an employee who is a minor or their legal representative of possible risks in the work to be performed and of the measures taken in respect of occupational health and safety.

Employer’s obligations from the employment commencement date for the duration of employment

From the employment commencement date (the date agreed in the employment contract as the commencement date), the employer is obliged to:

  • assign work to the employee in accordance with the employment contract;
  • pay the employee a wage for the work performed;
  • create suitable conditions for the performance of work duties; and
  • comply with other terms of employment provided for by law, the collective agreement and the employment contract.

Section 47(1)(a) of the Labour Code

Each employee must be made familiar with the workplace regulations. Workplace regulations must be accessible to every employee. 

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