Wage for work on a public/state holiday

If an employee performs work on a state/public holiday, they shall be entitled, in addition to the wage earned, to additional pay of at least 100 % of the employee's average earnings (Section 122 of the Labour Code).

The employee loses the right to the additional pay for work on a public/state holiday if, based on an agreement with the employer, they take compensatory leave. For the time off taken as compensatory leave, the employee is, pursuant to Section 122(2) of the Labour Code,

entitled to wage compensation in the amount of their average earnings. In the case of an employee who is remunerated on a monthly basis, the time off taken as compensatory leave for work on a public holiday shall be regarded as time worked; such an employee is entitled, instead of wage compensation, to a proportional part of the monthly wage.

The employer may agree in the employment contract with an executive employee that their wage already takes into account possible work on public holidays. In such a case, the executive employee shall not be entitled to the additional pay or compensatory leave for work on a public holiday. The circle of executive employees is defined in Section 9(3) of the Labour Code.

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