Wage for work on Saturday

For work on Saturday, an employee is entitled to additional pay of at least 1,79 EUR/hour, in addition to the wage earned (Section 122a of the Labour Code). The Labour Code allows for the application of an exemption for those employers where the nature of the work or the operating conditions require that work is regularly performed on Saturdays. The Labour Code permits agreeing a lower amount of additional pay in a collective agreement or the employment contract and sets the minimum amount thereof. A lower amount of additional pay may be agreed in the employment contract by an employer only where there is no recognised trade union and the employer had fewer than 20 employees as at 31 December the previous calendar year. Under this exemption, the additional pay for work on Saturday may be agreed pursuant to Section 122a(2) of the Labour Code in the amount of at least 1,61 EUR/hour.

In workplaces with night shifts, Saturday begins at the same hour as the start of the first morning shift of the working week according to the shift plan, and ends 24 hours after that point.

The employer may agree in the employment contract with an executive employee that their wage already takes into account possible work on Saturdays; in such a case, the executive employee is not entitled to additional pay for work on Saturday.

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