Employment contract

An employment relationship is based on a written employment contract between an employer and an employee. The employer is required to issue one written copy of the employment contract to the employee. In the employment contract, the employer and the employee shall agree on the following essentials:

  • the type of work for which the employee is hired and a brief description of the job;
  • the place of performance (municipality, municipal district or other specification of a place);
  • the start date of work;
  • the conditions of remuneration, unless agreed in the collective agreement.

Working conditions can be agreed in a collective agreement. In such a case, it is sufficient to refer to the provisions of the collective agreement. 

The agreed content of an employment contract may only be amended by agreement between the employer and the employee. The employer is obliged to execute the amendment to the employment contract in writing.

The employment relationship and employment contract are defined in the second part of the Labour Code, in Section 41.

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