Checks and penalties

Checks of illegal work and illegal employment are performed by:

Natural persons, entrepreneurs and legal entities being inspected are obliged to provide the inspection authorities with the relevant data and information. (Section 5(3), (4) and (5) of Act No 82/2005 Coll.).

The inspection bodies are:

  • authorised to impose a fine for illegal work of up to EUR 331 (Section 7(2) of Act No 82/2005 Coll.),
  • obliged to impose a fine for violation of the prohibition of illegal employment in the amount of EUR 2 000 to EUR 200 000 (Section 19(2) of Act No 125/2006 Coll. and Section 68a (1) (b) of Act No 5/2004 Coll.).

Special sanctions - additional payments - may be imposed (pursuant to Section 7a of Act No 82/2005 Coll.) for illegal employment by a natural person, entrepreneur or legal entity of a person who is not a citizen of the European Union staying in the territory of Slovakia in violation of Act No 480/2002 Coll. and Act No 404/2011 Coll.

The liability for such additional payments may also pass to other persons - suppliers who participated in the supply of the goods, work or services in question (Section 7b of Act No 82/2005 Coll.).

In addition to fines, other sanctions may be imposed for illegal employment:

  • exclusion from participation in public procurement,
  • exclusion from entitlement to public subsidies;
  • denial of funding from the European Union (from the ESF, etc.).
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